My Approach

I am a Humanistic and Integrative counsellor and psychotherapist. This means that my therapeutic approach encompasses the following elements:

  • My personal and professional perspective on human nature reflects a humanistic attitude. Fundamentally, I believe in the intrinsic value and potential for growth in every human being. My approach therefore fosters care and respect towards individual uniqueness and difference.
  • I integrate a relational understanding of human psychology into my approach. The human need for meaningful connection with others is an innate need within all of us from the moment we are born and throughout life. It is in relationship with others that we learn our beliefs and expectations about ourselves, others, relationships and the world around us.
  • I integrate an understanding of human development based on the theories of attachment theory, object-relations, self-psychology and developmental psychology. This recognises the significant impact of early childhood experiences in relationship to parents and primary care givers for the development of our psychological self.

I draw from the principles above in aspiring to offer to all of my clients the following in my therapeutic approach:

  • Respect, empathy, acceptance, transparency, attentive care and support.
  • Your autonomy is important and will be encouraged throughout our work together. I do not work to a medical model, and will not therefore offer diagnosis. Instead I am interested in understanding you and your unique, personal experience.
  • A holistic focus - exploring and seeking to integrate an awareness of your whole being, including your affective (feelings and emotions), cognitive (thoughts), behavioural and physiological experience.
  • Attention to your relational needs and a commitment to be real and genuine as myself in relationship with you. The quality of the therapeutic relationship between us is a very important part of our work and fundamental to the likely effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy.
  • Space to explore and draw personal meanings in relation to your experiences from childhood and the impact of these on your current life.

I believe in and am committed to an ethical approach in all aspects of my work, incorporating the BACP Ethical Framework and SPTI Code of Conduct into my approach.

Telephone: 07480 063920