Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy is recognised for improving psychological well-being and mental health.  There are many different reasons that bring people to therapy.  For some, there may be a specific issue that they want to explore or resolve, or they may want support in dealing with the impact of a specific event in their life.  For many, they experience a general sense of unfulfillment or dispair, perhaps feeling overwhelmed and struggling to cope. 

Some of the issues that counselling and psychotherapy can support individuals with include:

Counselling and psychotherapy offers the individual a safe and confidential space to explore and understand their inner world, in a way that is rarely possible in everyday life and relationships.  The therapist supports the client to explore their genuine experience in relation to themself, with others and their world.  This process of exploration and self-reflection often shines a light on feelings, emotions and thoughts offering a much greater self-awareness.  

Counselling and psychotherapy supports the individual to be able to recognise, understand and accept their feelings, emotions, and thoughts; and to find healthy ways of experiencing and managing difficult and painful feelings, emotions and thoughts throughout life.  The development of our capacity for self-reflection and awareness, and to tolerate difficult feelings, emotions and thoughts, can support us to identify where and how we may want to make changes in our life and relationships.

This type of experience is possible because of the unique nature of the relationship between the client and therapist.  The value of the therapeutic space is that a client can feel truly heard, truly understood and truly cared for; by a therapist who has no preconception, expectation or judgement of them and is genuinely dedicated to their care and best interests.  The experience of being respected, accepted and cared for as the real version of yourself - including the vulnerable parts that may often remain hidden, can in itself be healing and transformative.

Counselling and psychotherapy can be very challenging and requires a real commitment from the client.  It does not provide a magic wand or quick fix solution.  The decision to engage in counselling and psychotherapy should not therefore be taken lightly, and requires thoughtful consideration. 

You may be wondering what is the difference between counselling and psychotherapy? 

I consider counselling to refer to shorter to mid term work, which is focused on a specific issue/s experienced by the client.

I view psychotherapy as referring to longer term work, which is focused on the client's longer standing issues with their overall experience of their being in the world.

I am qualified in and have experience of providing both counselling and psychotherapy.

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